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3 Minutes on a Park Bench with Louise Weadock

Louise Weadock, owner of WeeZee, the Science of Play
Louise Weadock, owner of WeeZee, the Science of Play
After being told her daughter was on the Autism Spectrum, Louise Weadock made a multisensory home environment to help her child become comfortable in her own skin.

Based upon their success at home she founded WeeZee, the Science of Play, a Sensory Health Club for ALL children, in Chappaqua. She is also CEO of ACCESS Healthcare & Nursing Service.

Here's a quick get-to-know-you interview she did for Patch.

What's your morning routine? 
Buzz. 6:30am! C'mon dogs, all 3 - get outside! Thank God I bought beans for this morning! A 3 cup addiction gets angry without beans! I sip, meditate my view and wait for the beagles to do their business! Who do I start my day with? My son Paul and my daughter Shannon (when home from college).

What's the best thing about your job?
Whether it's nursing care or neuro-cognitive development - regardless how old the client is - from the "Womb to the Tomb," I have the rare opportunity to bring peace, comfort and joy to the lives of others. I believe WeeZee can change how we communicate in the world through the Science of Play.

What's the hardest?
Trying make WeeZee affordable for all those in need. Trying to get reimbursement for WeeZee by school systems and insurance companies. Also maintaining good reliable people that have the Heart to Care and the character to match!

How long have you lived here?
I moved up to Briarcliff Manor in 1996 - I was told by my daughter’s pediatrician to MOVE OUT of NYC…her 30 temper-tantrums a day were an indication that she was “too stimulated.”

What's your favorite thing about living here?
Its predictability, the amazing Briarcliff school system, the community, its churches, its local theater and art, easy commute to the city. And boating to all the river towns on the Hudson!! 

If you had to arrange a secret meeting here, where would you have it?
We call it our “Special Spot” – a little shore point between the railroad tracks and the Hudson River at the Scarborough Station. 

Tell us something about yourself that most of your neighbors don't know.
The reason I have 5 dogs is because my daughter learns her social cues from their individual personalities and pack-like behavior!

When you want a really indulgent snack here, where do you go and what do you get?
OMG, you will find me face-deep into the new frozen yogurt place in Briarcliff!! Don’t tell!

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
From my mother, “Get over it and move on!”

What are you doing after this interview?
Going to see my paramour in Atlantic Beach! 


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