'Little Crepe Street' Coming to Mt. Kisco

Owner of Little Kabab Station and Little Spice Bazaar to open third eatery in village.

First, it was Then came Now, owner Bonnie Saran is set to open her third Mount Kisco restaurant, Little Crepe Street, her third in less than two years.

The crepe space could open in October, according to Saran, and will be at the former site of (29 E. Main St.), which closed earlier this year. That storefront was sandwiched between Saran's existing places. 

There will be an array of crepe options, she said, including dessert crepes and savory crepes. The new space is rooted in European food, a contrast from the Indian cuisine of her existing eateries. However, it will include options for Indian ingredients; people can choose their toppings.

“So it’s going to be a complete fusion of toppings,” she said

Coffee and WiFi will also be available, she said.

The idea for the place came from a serendipitous beginning, with the closure of Smokers Harbor.

Saran said: “Honestly, I’m having all these sleepless night right now because this really was not planned.”

The space, which is roughly 1,100 square feet and shares a common landlord with the Little Spice Bazaar space, is currently being remodeled; a building permit was issued several days ago, she said, and a lease was signed earlier this month. The plan involves removing part of the wall to connect the crepe place with the spice bazaar, which will allow for the later eatery to expand seating.

Joining Saran is a new partner, Viktor Solarik, an architect who is originally from the Czech Republic.

Before the new place opens, about 7-10 days in advance, Saran will invite the public to come and brainstorm new flavors. 

anonymous November 26, 2012 at 08:38 PM
The owner of this company is cheating the customers and the workers she charges a 15% tip and she does not give it to the workers who already earn minimum wage and many of them are not even legalized in this country i will report her to consumer affairs and immigration for cheating everyone!!!!
anonymous November 26, 2012 at 08:42 PM
and let it be known that this abuse is being sent to channel 12 news also.... shannon white will love a story like this!! owner of little crepe street does not pay the tips to her workers!!! cheater!!
Donna Davis December 03, 2012 at 03:39 AM
All the best! A breath of fresh culinary air. Finally, someone who gets it. As a chef, it's plain to see that Bonnie is a smart, talented artist. Far and few between
Daniel June 28, 2013 at 01:58 AM
The truth is the food is good. The bigger truth is the disrespect she has for her employees. It does not stop at underpaying them. Her professionalism is unfortunately a facade that hides the way she really is. She favors any employee that sucks up to her no matter how badly they work or how many customers complain about them. Despite underpaying her workers and cutting their hours without a real warning, she expects them to put in 110% of their effort and has very little understanding or sympathy for them. Her work ethic is strong but it's clear her people skills are lacking.


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