Digital Social Scene: B-K's Mid-January Facebook Status

Highlights include a Bedford company's products appearing on NBC, plus lots more.

Like this. Share that. Check in here or there. Who said what and what's the latest gossip?

It's all on Facebook, but we bring it right to you — the pics, the comments, the status updates and more. If it's on Bedford-Katonah Patch Facebook's recent newsfeed, you'll find it here. And if you see something in your feed that we missed, let everyone know in the comments!

Click on the name of the business, organization, person, etc. to go to that group or individual's Facebook page.

Little Joe's Books

The Katonah shop recaps a recent book discussion, and references this YouTube video

After reading "Chu's Day" by Neil Gaiman to a group of reluctant tweens at today's A-Team meeting (they thought they were too old for picture books. We vehemently stand by the belief that NO ONE is too old for picture books - the kids quickly agreed), Genevieve gave them homework. Firstly, they must Youtube "Pandas going down a slide." Secondly, the must unearth whether a Panda Bear, is in fact, actually a bear. We'll go ahead and do part I of the homework, beacause it's so darn cute.

Mrs. Monogram

Products from the Bedford-based company made an appearance on a very popular NBC show last week.

Mrs. Monogram's personalized yoga mats were on the Today Show this morning on a workout fashion segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Check out the link: http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/50397439#50397439

Northern Westchester Hospital

The hospital shares tons of great information—on everything from the dangers of texting while driving to hearty, healthy recipes from folks on the nursing staff—daily on its Facebook page. 

Corralling Your Medical Costs: How to Keep the Bills from Mounting
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Sgaglios Marketplace

This post has our mouths watering!

We just had a piece of Red Barns apple pie for dessert.....oh my goodness!!! It was so good!

Wolf Conservation Center

Located in South Salem, this organization shared a beautiful photo. It received more than 1,500 likes and 300-plus shares. Take a look at the image at right to see it.

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