Dweck Hopes to Break Taboos With New Book, 'V is for Vagina'

The new book by Alyssa Dweck, a Mt. Kisco Medical Group OB/GYN, comes out tomorrow.

Alyssa Dweck feels that female anatomy remains a subject that doesn't get talked about easily.

She says there is "still a little bit of demystifying that needs to be done."

Dweck hopes to bring attention to the taboo with her new co-authored book, V is for Vagina: You’re A to Z Guide to Periods, Piercings, Pleasures and So Much More.

The book explores a myriad of questions that women may be uncomfortable to ask, ranging from sexually transmitted diseases, to Kegels to self-exams and semen allergies, V Is for Vagina covers subjects women might be too embarrassed to discuss with their gynecologists.

"It has a very light-hearted feel to it as well," Dweck said.

Discussing the cultural sensibilities, Dweck described how women have come into her office asking with concerns.

"Women are curious. They want to know if things are ok," she said.

Dweck also feels that there's a double standard in regards of public discussion of female and male anatomy.

"I really challenge you to find the word vagina on TV at all."

A gynecologist at the Mount Kisco Medical Group, Dweck has been in her profession since 1994. She worked on the book with Robin Westen, who she met through Family Circle Magazine. Dweck's connection with the publication including serving on its advisory board and consulting for them.

Additionally, Dweck has appeared in a pilot for a show called , a local answer to the Real Housewives series that is also eyeing a Westchester County edition.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Fistula Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of and funding for obstetric fistula treatment, prevention and education programs worldwide. Rampant in many developing countries, obstetric fistula, or a hole in the birth canal, is due to unrelieved obstructed labor and often causes incontinence, infections and ulcerations.

Not coincidentally, V is for Vaginia is due out on Valentine's Day. It's being published by Ulysses Press and can be found here on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Conservative Mom February 14, 2012 at 12:46 PM
M is for money. I don't see the penis discussed on TV either. It is perfectly fine asking your physician personal questions we don't need more vaginal awareness. It is difficult enough raising daughters in a world where sexual awareness and experimentation begins at such early ages thanks to the media, internet and collapse of family values


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