New Oak Tree Planted at Reservation

The new tree replaces the "Sentinel Oak," which fell to the ground after a 2007 storm.

Patch that a new oak tree would be planted near the "Sentinal Oak," as it was known to park-goers—a giant of the species that lived for over 400 years in the Meadow, an area of the

In 2007, a microburst storm blew through the area, damaging the pine forest lining the entrance to the park from Route 121 and splitting the old oak that fell in several pieces to the ground, changing forever the landscape that greeted hundreds of visitors to the nature preserve each year.

The planting was made possible through donations from the Leatherman's Loop race organization and an individual participating runner, HBO Television, which filmed "Boardwalk Empire" at the reservation; the Friends of the Trailside museum, will assume some related costs, accoring to Tom Cohn, a board member.

Ciorsdan Conran, a South Salem resident, attended and documented the planting, held on April 10. A commemorative celebration will be held in May, say representatives of the Friends of the Trailside Museum.

In the meantime, take a look at the raising of the 18-year-old white oak tree in its new home.

jamelle Tromsage April 25, 2012 at 07:13 PM
What a waste of money. $7,000 is far too much to plant a tree during a drought year. This planted tree is only about a status symbol: Westchesterites can afford to drop big money on an instant replacement, rather than wait for a smaller tree to grow. $7,000 could go towards buying more land to preserve around the reservation to protect it from encroaching development. All our future donations will go to upstate parks from now on, so that our donation doesn't get "blown away" by susburbanite false values. This tree is not even good for the environment-more pollution is created from moving such a big tree around than will be mitigated by the tree over its short life span-too big to last long.


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