Northern Westchester Hospital Gets $250k for Radiology Upgrade [VIDEO]

State Sen. Greg Ball presents state grant to coincide with ribbon cutting of new suite.

Officials at on Thursday celebrated the dedication of their new imaging suite with $250,000 state grant and ribbon cutting.

“This is a very exciting day for our hospital,” said Joel Seligman, the hospital's president and CEO.

The new imaging suite is a boost for the radiology department.

Peter Khouri, the hospital's chief of radiology, said that the new CT scanner, the major part of the suite, can scan from head to toe in 15 second, versus the one minute the old one took. It also emits up to 50 percent less radiation, which Khouri emphasized the importance of minimizing.

“Our department embraces the acronym ALARA, as low as reasonably achievable, and that’s been a radiology concept for many years.”

In addition, response time for taken x-rays has been hastened. The wireless panels in the suite's new digital radiographic unit allow for portable x-rays to be done, with images quickly transmitted, Khouri explained.

State Sen. Greg Ball came to present the grant, fit into a large check with his signature. He praised and the hospital, and said there is a “world class staff and a world class leadership.”

The radiology suite is part of a broader, long-term expansion plan for the hospital, according to Seligman. Other initiatives have included the Mary and David Boies Emergency Department, which opened last year, and plans to construct a parking garage, the later of which is . The planning and construction for both the emergency center and the radiology suite has taken about seven years, Seligman said.

The next big upcoming priority for the hospital is to overhaul its second-floor operating rooms. Seligman said that is in the planning stages.

Video of the ribbon cutting is attached.


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