A Simple Video Surveillance System for a Local Home

I had been wanting to purchase a video surveillance system for my home for some time but was curious about how it all worked.

I keep getting mail and seeing advertisements for the big three firms who want to install these elaborate monitoring systems in my home so that I can turn on my humidifier from my office in the city or unlock the door for a contractor while traveling on business. They are willing to install these systems for a low price with the idea that you are required to sign on for 3 years of central station monitoring for a mere $50 per month.

Now I don't know about you but I really do not want somebody who works for a monitoring firm somewhere in Newark or Baltimore or anywhere else having insider access and viewing abilities in and around my home. I personally know a retired NYPD Detective who has made arrests of central station monitoring employees who have conspired to commit acts of burglary, larceny and robbery at the homes that were under monitoring. See the linked articles where time and again, employees of monitoring firms have been arrested for serious felony crimes.








My firm is owned and operated solely by retired police officer's. No unsavory characters will be sent to your home and we do not offer monitoring services. We install and maintain do it yourself systems only.


Let me describe for you our most recent installation which was a very basic and affordable video surveillance system. The homeowner indicated that he wanted four cameras installed at his home. The system was set up as follows:


Cameras – Four cameras were installed outside. The gentleman owned a typical raised ranch in Yorktown. One camera was set up to monitor the front door, the next camera monitors the driveway, a third camera is focused on the two rear entryways. The final camera was set up near the swimming pool so that the kids, although old enough to swim on their own, could be viewed from inside the house. The cameras are wireless to the viewing screen but must be plugged in. The cameras have excellent night vision, two way audio and an optimal viewing range of approximately 40 ft.


The homeowner particularly liked the two way audio feature which enabled him to converse with whomever may appear at the front door and with his kids as they were in proximity to a camera.


Monitor – The system comes with a 9” monitor similar to the size of any I-pad. The monitor is portable and can be moved around the house or can be affixed to the underside of an object such as a cabinet. The monitor has single camera viewing or can be set in dual or quad viewing mode depending upon the amount of cameras. The monitor allows you to transfer the image to a large TV screen with simple wiring.


The home owner can now see his driveway, front door, two rear doors, and swimming pool from the convenience of his living room or anywhere else in the house since the monitoring device is portable.

Remote viewing – The activity on these camera's can be viewed live via Skype on any computer with internet access and on your personal mobile device such as Iphone/IPad, Android, etc.


This is a basic system that can be installed for an affordable price. More advanced systems can be installed at equally affordable prices. Please contact my firm for details.


Joseph Harrison        

CustomHouse Security

16 Mt Ebo Rd South Suite 12A-7 Brewster NY 10509

W. www.customhousesecurity.com

E. joseph@customhousesecurity.com

O. 845-279-4041

M. 914-468-3759

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Nummy June 09, 2012 at 01:36 PM
Advertise blog! Now all the pollution on the right in built in to blog, next a blog on the 10 dollar pizza box deal from pizza hut.
Ross Revira June 09, 2012 at 08:55 PM
What a joke. This guy is badmouthing his competitors by insinuating they are setting your house up to be burglarized then implies that the $50.00 per month fee is expensive. He details what they provide but leaves out the cost. The question for the customer; who is more sleazy? By mentioning the firm is run by retired police is that a positive or negative? Tried to go to their web site and there is no such site. Take the blatant advertisement down or label it as such!
ASleepyBoy June 20, 2012 at 01:40 AM
I have to agree. If something is an ad, then make it an ad. If something is actual good advice which happens to give a small blurb about the author's firm, then make it that. This is niether and should be put in an appropriate forum.
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