Katonah Proprietors Talk Minimum Wage Proposal

There won't be much of an impact because the area is expensive, they say.

If minimum wage increases by $1.50, would folks in Bedford and Katonah feel any sort of impact?

A few business owners say the hike—which Gov. Andrew Cuomo is suggesting in his budget plans for 2013-2014— would not affect them. 

Ann Luria, owner of Steger's Paper Mill, and Adam Ottly, owner of Katonah Wine & Liquors, both said they pay employees more than the current minimum wage, $7.25. The proposed is $8.75.

"I just hired two college students and started them at $12 an hour," Ottly said, adding that he would support the increase. "Who could do anything with $7.25 an hour? Hell, who could do anything for 8.75?"

Glenn Ascher, proprietor at Katonah Shipping & Business Center, doubts that the change would have a big impact locally.

"It's just a more expensive area," he said. "It's a standard of living. Kids driving BMWs are not going to work for six bucks an hour."

Dan February 01, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Apples and Oranges. Mr. Ottly is correct, this area business owners have to pay more. But this is Westchester. What about upstate, which is totally different, where you can still have a nice home and pay less than 2 thousand a year in property taxes, and high school kids don't drive Bimmers. So, raising the min. wage for the whole state is not fair and will hurt businesses overall. First off, you get what you pay for and if a smart buisness owner wants to keep a good employee he will pay that person a good wage.


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