Thank School-Related Professionals Tuesday

KLSSA President Jeani Granelli reminds the community about all that school-related professionals do to keep the district humming.

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes an entire team of school professionals to ensure that each child has the opportunity to become a responsible, educated, well-adjusted member of the community.

Even before your child gets on a bus to come to school, before your child sits down in his or her classroom, much preparation is required. The School Related Professionals of each school in our district gets the job done in collaboration with teachers, parents, and the school’s administration. Here are some of the ways your school professionals come together to support your child:

  • Custodians and Maintenance – provide a safe, healthy environment in the schools
  • Clerical Staff – keep the offices running smoothly, communicating what’s important on behalf of your school leaders
  • Bus Drivers and Mechanics – provide safe transportation to and from school
  • Teaching Assistants – work closely with students and their teachers to support academic and social growth
  • Teacher Aides – work closely with students and their teachers to support the physical and overall needs of students
  • Technology Aides – provide access to computer knowledge to help students keep pace with the 21st century
  • Monitors – ensure each child’s safety before, during, and after school
  • Nurses - keep students healthy
  • Cafeteria Staff – feed students

School-related professionals are an essential part of your child’s success. Tuesday, November 20th is the official SRP Recognition Day to honor and appreciate the Support Staff that helps each child succeed. Please do your part by saying, “Thank you!”

Katonah Lewisboro Support Staff Association
Jeani Granelli KLSSA President


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