Letter to the Editor: 'Flawed Bill Which Should Not be Supported by Any Citizen'

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Thomas Lutz of Patterson.

  • Editor's Note: The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Thomas Lutz. If you'd like to send your letters to the editor, email plamena@patch.com.

A recent column by State Senate Candidate Justin Wagner was particularly disturbing. The impact of his public policy proposal is nothing short of an extreme and unwarranted attack on Catholics in particular, and those who believe in the sanctity of liberty generally.

Wagner’s column underlined the real threat imposed by extremist candidates and their policies. In New York State an extreme and damaging bill is being promoted by some state officials as a direct assault on the freedom of conscience of millions of New Yorkers, especially Catholics. The bill entitled the “Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act” (S.2844/A.6112) is a fundamentally flawed bill which should not be supported by any citizen who believes in the freedom of conscience or the sanctity of human life.

Thoughtful voters can debate every issue, but the extreme nature of this bill should be alarming to those on all sides and from all parties. This bill seeks to ensure that abortions are legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy, including late term and partial birth abortions. Furthermore, this legislation would force even Catholic hospitals and those with moral objections to perform such procedures and ignores any legitimate interest in the third trimester.

Catholic hospitals would be forced to shut their doors. It is crucial that all New Yorkers respect the conscience rights of our doctors, nurses, religious hospital administrators, and health care professions from being forced to provide a procedure which would violate their deeply felt moral convictions on abortion. 

During these tough economic times, when women and children, and families in general, are truly struggling, why would we seek to shut down even more hospitals? This bill is cruel and must be stopped. 

It is equally crucial that we send lawmakers to Albany who will defend conscience protections and our religious liberty. We need leaders at our State Capitol who will fight for our rights and protect all New Yorkers from radical legislation which are ideologically-driven and extremely dangerous for women, children and religious liberty. 

Father Thomas Lutz

Formerly of Sacred Heart Church


Rose Rowland October 25, 2012 at 10:43 PM
If you were truly Pro-Life, you would - Open more adoption agencies - Lobby for expanded food stamps - Ensure decent schooling for low income kids and come up with ways to help the poor woman you convince to go through with their pregnancies. The problem with most Pro Lifers is that the minute the baby comes into the world, it stops being a miracle of G_d and becomes an annoyance and a charge on the state.
Walden Macnair October 25, 2012 at 11:33 PM
The bill that you speak of provides for terminating a pregnancy "prior to viability". In New York, that has always been considered to be 24 weeks and in that law the only time you'd be able to terminate a pregnancy is if two doctors agreed that the fetus was not viable, i.e. dead. The statement that it would provide for abortions for the entire 9 months is not only misleading but it's a lie. Nor is there any mention in the bill that would force any doctor, hospital, religious institution or healthcare organization to perform abortions against their will. If you are going to blog on this site, you at least should keep to the truth. Against abortion? Fine, Get a vasectomy.
JM October 25, 2012 at 11:59 PM
I find humorous irony in a representative of the Catholic Church addressing what is dangerous for women.... Without reading the bill, yet, I'll second Rose's suggestion of opening more adoption agencies, which I think we should encourage as a community, and Walden's suggestion of getting a vasectomy, which too should greatly be encouraged and applauded for any man. But above all, the reason govt. decides to insert itself through legislation, for what should be a private matter, is because too many do not take their personal liberty seriously enough. In my view, religion enables them to shun responsibility through prayer, followed by the general lack of education and self awareness to make responsible choices in the first place. And then everyone is surprised when a female gets accidentally pregnant. Father Lutz, you don't want bills such as these presented at the state level, and neither do I. But I have no power, no one listens to me. You do have an audience. What exactly are you doing with the congregation to empower women and young folks to be responsible with their bodies and choices? Do you tell them to use condoms, knowing that they are going to be active no matter what a god wishes for them to do?


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