Patch Comments: 'How About Respect for People?'

A political challenger, a "suspicious" looking man, and gun control jabs are some of the topics that got Hudson Valley Patch users talking on the comments board last week.

Editor's Note: Following are comments from stories that got Hudson Valley Patch users talking. 

Astorino Gets a Challenger From His Right

"although i am sympathetic to the tea party and the cause, rob has done a great job , even though he is surrounded by the worst county legislators in history. now is not the time to challenge him from the right. if colucci would drop out , and take up another cause , and there are plenty of them, that would be great. be a patriot !" -- frank vecchione

... and ... 

"Serious candidates for public office must reject the politics of extremism, and for Mr. Colucci that includes the deplorable imagery and language being promulgated by his father online," stated spokeswoman Jessica Proud. Astorino needs to share the skeletons in his own closet with his hired gun spokespeople who apparently were derelict in their duty in researching their own golden boy client and his pops... who was found guilty of real crimes much worse than likening a liberal governor to a dead dictator. So does Rob agree with the tactics used by Cuomo to push his rights smothering 2nd Amendment gun control legislation? Not to mention his immediately getting in bed with old time establishment favorite, attorney Kevin Plunkett. I bet all republican reformers who backed Rob were really Proud of that move." -- Mount Vernon

Council: 71 Percent of Westchester Teens Report Easy to Access to Alcohol

"There's a movement among college leaders to return drinking age to 18 from 21. Kids pre-game and binge more. I know we're talking in this thread about high school but it's all intertwined. There's a great book called "Binge" by Barrett Seaman on the topic. His research indicated correlation between high school team sports and college binge drinking... This is a complex, nuanced topic." -- Leslie Yager

Whiz Kid: Dante Palombo

"Dante is a true role model for all children/teens/adults. This is such an amazing accomplishment for a boy of his age. Congratulations you deserve only the best." -- Michelle V.

'Looking Suspicious is Not Against the Law': Mam'K Activist Recalls Arrest

"ok first of all .. how about showing some resepect for our police officers .. Something like oh hey officer i live here.. here is my drivers licence.. that would of been the end of the story.... When you sit 40 feet from a school sorry to tell you the officer did the right thing..This is the kind of thing that happens when you Challenge Police officers either with sarcasim or the tone of your voice... guess what you lost ... Yeah you might win the case in the end but the officer won he ruined your day .. not a smart thing to do.. ... Show some respect for our officers.. you never know when you might need them to help you out some day...Laura" -- LD

... and ...

Respect for police, hmmm ... how about respect for people? The police have very expensive equipment giving them instant electronic access to vast information. Why didn't the police simply check the license plate in the DMV records and realize it was registered to the address where it was parked? And if they did check, why harass someone near his house? Does the police information system keep track of whether the license was checked? If so, and they did check, then that opens a door into very scary harassment behavior!!! But then, back to respect for people, why harass someone simply sitting in a car?" -- Ralph in Larchmont

County Exec Candidates Trade Verbal Jabs On Gun Control

"I should also add that I, along with I think all other gun owners and most non gun owners, think it's patently absurd that Mr. Lacorte thinks his lack of gun ownership is somehow a qualification for the position of County Executive." -- Chris Day

.. and ...

"While it may be interesting to hear what different Rockland County politicians think about our gun control laws, it is simply political theatre. I would be more interested in knowing whether LaCorte agrees with Ilan or Ed regarding the County's Home Rule request, which would allow them to borrow more money and put us further in debt. Day is opposed, and has called for zero based budgeting. Schoenberger, as one of the stewards of our current financial disaster, is for. I would like to know which way LaCorte stands on this. Does he agree with Day or with Schoenberger? A simple answer will do." -- Mike Hirsch

Get Real February 24, 2013 at 01:54 AM
How about respect for actual journalism, as opposed to whatever Patch is masquerading as.
Ann Fanizzi February 24, 2013 at 11:22 AM
How about getting real "Get Real" and be specific in your criticism of Patch and how it can improve its "actual journalism."
Ross Revira February 24, 2013 at 03:58 PM
The Patch is not a newspaper. It is web site that provides the news with little more than a headline. The real story and content is provided by the comments. The purpose of the Patch is to generate ad sales just like all of the other media outlets. It is concerned with the bottom line first and everything else is secondary as the way it should be.
Get Real February 24, 2013 at 08:44 PM
It's obvious from reading Patch, the concept was to sell advertising locally, one which continues to fail miserably. There is no critical thinking found here only regurgitation of police blotters, promotions of local services and businesses and scant cliff note articles for the most part copied and pasted from other sources. There is no journalism here, the sites are run on a shoe string, with editors overworked and under paid, working with a gaggle of part time novices. You'll find much more honesty and actual journalism in a high school newspaper, and often times better reporters. Patch is the poster child for the corporate dummying down of the masses. Patch shies away from taking any stance or reporting anything having to do with what is really going in within municipalities, they investigate nothing, they have not the resources nor any interest in what journalism was designed to do. For their failed business model was designed to promote local municipalities and their businesses. The fourth estate has left town in this country and The Patch is one of the saddest examples of it's exit. Path and it's editors are about making nice and selling soap, they have much more in common with red journalism. They have no interest in playing the vital role journalism needs play in the survival of this republic. How can Patch improve you ask? They can't. For their interest is only in increasing revenue.
Fact Finder February 24, 2013 at 08:50 PM
That just about says it all.
Ross Revira February 24, 2013 at 09:46 PM
Did the Patch ever to purport to be anything more than it is? Did you expect to read a Pulitzer prize story here? It is a fun excuse to comment, on local to international events, Take it for what it is,not what you want it to be. It is free and most working people understand nothing of value is free unless you are a Democrat politician ...then everything is free.
Ray Adamick February 24, 2013 at 11:18 PM
To Get Real, would the New York, or London Times ever print what we say here???
Get Real February 24, 2013 at 11:25 PM
How has it purported to be more than it is? You mean a news source with actual journalists? Patch claims to "report" on everything you need to know about local government. A) they don't report, they short hand and summarize. The editor of Rivertown's Path describes her "editorial" mission as follows, "to arm citizens with important facts that help them make informed decisions." Excuse me? If you[re coming here to be armed with information to make informed decisions, you're gonna have quite a bit of room for additional ammo. Unless of course you're looking to arm yourself with addresses for nail salons.
David Weidmann February 24, 2013 at 11:54 PM
No, thank God. Are you telling me that a comment box on Patch makes it worthwhile source, and not a corporate rag? There's no shortage of comment boxes on the net in which to bloviate opinion and nonsense. That said, the NY and London Times are both complicit with regard to the lack of true independent journalism.
OverTaxed - Fed up with spending February 25, 2013 at 03:59 AM
Sean worked his but off to cover Tarrytown/Sleepy. That was some of the best local possible. He was at everything and replied to every comment. Too bad the Patch couldn't fine a very few more $'s to keep him.
Ray Adamick February 25, 2013 at 05:31 AM
The Patch is what it is, so Real, get a life
"The" Patch? "The" Ridiculous February 25, 2013 at 06:28 AM
What's with this, "The Patch?"


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