Woman Charged in 3 Downtown Katonah Thefts

The information below was provided by Bedford police and does not indicate a conviction.


A Bedford Hills woman was arrested after she allegedly stole snacks, jewelry and wine from three separate retail shops in Katonah on April 3.

responded to a shoplifting call at 3:12 p.m. from on Katonah Avenue, where employees said they observed Jennifer Kramer, 26, remove items from the store without paying. After arriving at the coffee shop, officers located Kramer's bag, which held a cookie, juice and jewelry taken from Noka's and from

Police took information and a description of the woman and canvassed the area, eventually finding Kramer at They approached Kramer and asked her to step outside. She said she wanted to complete a purchase she was making first. Upon exiting the store, she became physically combative and resisted communicating with police, who found a bottle of wine in her bag for which Kramer did not pay.

Police brought Kramer to headquartners and secured her in the booking area. Kramer then grabbed at a group of computer wires and pulled a computer, smashed it on the floor, causing $200 in damage in the process.  

Kramer was charged with petty larceny, resisting arrest and three counts of fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property. The computer damage added sixth charge of fourth degree criminal mischief.

She was remanded to Westchester County Jail, held for a mental health observation and is scheduled to appear in Bedford's town court.

dianna indorf September 20, 2012 at 12:01 PM
This young lady is screaming for attention or may be suffering from an addiction. I do hope she gets treated like someone in need rather than a common criminal. I wish her luck in her recovery.


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