Letter: Democratic Slate Brings 'Dynamic Energy'

Bedford resident Jeremy Mand writes in support of the candidates endorsed by Bedford Democrats for this year's elections.

To the Editor:

I am writing to enthusiastically express my support for the Democratic slate of candidates running for the town board in Bedford this fall. Since being elected in 2007, Democratic Council-members Chris Burdick and David Gabrielson have done tremendous work to keep Bedford's taxes down, increase the transparency of government, improve water quality, and preserve the beauty of our small town and village. 

Though municipal legislatures are not subject to the ideological battles that their state and federal counterparts face, it is important to note the distinction between an "active"  and "laissez-faire" philosophy to governing that still plays out at the local level.

In Bedford, after years of complete Republican control of the town board, and consistent 5.5 percent tax hikes each year, Mr. Burdick and Mr. Gabrielson brought innovation to the town's policy-making. Without slashing any services and only cutting a single job during their 5 years in office, the two helped pass three consecutive budgets with tax hikes of only 2.4 percent, during a time of extreme economic distress; they funded a new water filtration plant that will ensure clean water for the hamlets of Bedford Hills and Katonah; and they helped develop a Climate Action Plan which will assist home-owners in voluntarily retrofitting their homes to reduce their carbon foot-print and protect our environment.

Having followed their work closely over the years, it's clear that the Democrats have the right idea—active government has resulted in a better Bedford. 

As the weak economy continues to affect the abilities of small towns and municipalities to effectively meet the service demands of their constituents, its important to have leaders that are innovative, smart, and forward thinking. Julie Vulspecu, Meredith Black, Simone Shapiro, Judy Aydelott and Chris Burdick, all candidates this fall, bring the type of dynamic energy and keen intellect that our town desperately needs in the years ahead and I strongly encourage everyone to learn more about them and consider voting for them in the upcoming election. 

Jeremy Mand

Bedford, NY


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