Parking Times Extended in Mt. Kisco Lot

The southeastern portion of Shopper's Park will have spots at four hours in length, Mount Kisco village manager confirms.

Folks shopping in Mount Kisco will have more time to use some of its downtown parking spots.

Village Manager James Palmer told Patch that he has extended the parking times for some spaces in the Shopper's Park lot from two hours to four hours. A total of 41 spaces in the lot's southeastern section will be affected. The purpose behind the change, he explained, is to accomodate people who are shopping "for extended periods of time," and to "account" for merchant parking permit holders who already use four-hour spaces.

The decision was made unilaterally by Palmer because he is granted the authority to promulgate parking regulations. The measure was on the agenda for Tuesday's Village Board of Trustees agenda. The change is effective immediately and Palmer stated that signage is being ordered.

The old 2-hour limit was accompanied by complaints from shoppers who felt that they did not have enough time, according to Palmer. Feedback from merchants was also sought, Mayor Michael Cindrich told Patch.

Time limits for for village parking vary by the section of downtown, whether it's for two or four hours in lots or just one hour for on-street spaces. 

Daniele Churchill, owner of Churchills of Mount Kisco, felt having more time is a good idea, saying that it "would be better if they extend the parking." Her store is located near the affected spots.

Robert Bernstein, owner of Mount Kisco Sports - his business is near the northern section of Shopper's Park - did not feel it would impact his store.

"I think it has no bearing on us," he said.

Bernstein has raised parking convience, particularly user interaction with the LUKE pay stations, as concerns. At a merchants' meeting with the village board last year, he proposed having mobile phone-based payments for parking. Coincidentally, Cindrich told Patch on Wednesday that the village is moving forward with a mobile program.

10506er January 24, 2013 at 03:58 PM
Now only if the town would paint each meter pole a color that indicates on some sign the length of that meter. I can not tell you how many times I've parked, had to get out, in the rain or snow, only to find out the meter was too short a time. Really, it's not rocket science to help us, nor would it cost much $ in paint.
dianna indorf January 25, 2013 at 03:51 PM
I agree with the above mentioned comment. Mt. Kisco is absolutely the most inconvenient town to park in if your errands or appointments run over an hour..ridiculous really. To interrupt a tutoring session for example to run out and feed a meter is not exactly professional. It is about time you adjusted some of the meters in town.
buconellaterra January 25, 2013 at 06:51 PM
SIGN OF A DEFECTIVE TOWN THAT IT DEPENDS UPON METERS to make cash. Sign of corruption-small stores are kicked out of town because rent is too high and a single builder from nyc then buys up cheap to make a huge profit. meters are unwelcoming, so shoppers go elsewhere-like to Katonah , a more profitable intelligent town without meters that welcomes a family environment. Kisco is a hole in the ground.


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