Storm Debris Combined With Leaf Pickup in Bedford

All storm debris must be out at the edge of the property by November 19th and placed so that it does not interfere with traffic.

Via the Town of Bedford

Due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy, Bedford’s Department of Public Works (DPW) will pick up storm debris (logs and brush) from residents.

The Town of Bedford Beaver Dam Compost Facility is also open for residents in non-commercial vehicles to dispose of recyclable wood waste (logs and branches up to 6” diameter, brush, and leaves). The facility is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 3:00, excluding town holidays.

The Town is entering leaf pickup season from designated hamlet areas and snow will not be far behind, so please minimize the quantity you leave out for pick up since it may end up covered with snow and in place for an extended period.

As we will be picking up storm debris, the usual amount of leaf removal pickups will be reduced. The leaf removal schedule will not be published and leaf collection will be combined with storm debris collection. As with previous years, leaf collection is only in designated hamlet areas and is posted on the DPW page on Town's website. Leaves and storm debris must be piled separately.

All storm debris must be out at the edge of the property by November 19th and placed so that it does not interfere with traffic. Logs over 10” in diameter shall not be greater than 3’ in length. The Town will collect ONLY up to two cubic yards of material per household from the recent storm. Any material beyond two cubic yards will be left behind and must be removed by the property owner.

Debris pickup will occur once per road. It will likely take at least six months to complete this task. Once the DPW comes through each street, we will not come back for storm debris.

The Town encourages all Bedford residents to consider managing their own organic waste onsite. Composting and leaf mulching are relatively simple ways to cope with organic materials and there is the added advantage of saving the Town of Bedford significant funds if residents limit the amount of organic waste put out on the curb for our DPW to pick up.

daniel schmidt November 13, 2012 at 09:01 PM
BEDFORD IS THROWING TAXPAYER MONEY THROUGH A WOOD CHIPPER BY CHIPPING ALL THE STORM FALLEN WOOD. Instead of wasting this valuable wood, Bedford 2020 and the Town can follow the model which Germany and Switzerland use in forests and around homes in suburban areas to make a profit in an environmentally responsible way. 1. Leave the branches on downed trees to dry the wood. 2. Log in winter. 3. Do a timber sale and make a profit selling to a local sawmill 4. Put the remaining wood through a wood mizer portable sawmill(see youtube) to make a local lumber yard, instead of buying lumber from 3000 miles away! 5. reforest with native, bare root seedlings which are the most wind-firm. Do not plant B and B which uproots easily. By using every bit of wood Bedford 2020 can save national forests from abusive logging. If Germany and Switzerland can do it, so can Bedford. A portable sawmill only costs $19 - 26,000 and makes a huge profit, while a wood chipper costs $40,000 and chips up taxpayer money. Wood chips make tree roots grow upwards, increasing uprooting, making more storm damage!
H. Freeze November 13, 2012 at 11:27 PM
well said - that's Bedford.... They said they would give ice to the people........ Guess what! You go there one day to pick up a voucher (gasoline at $5.00) then they give you a voucher to pick up your dry ice next day - isnt it interesting?
mark November 14, 2012 at 04:55 AM
how foolish can you be, comparing a german forest to an area where people are of of electric for weeks, roads are closed etc. if it were profitable, wood millers would be coming here, even rip van winkle knows how much damage we had. trees uprooting had nothing to do with wood chip mulch, rather the fact that the soil is so rocky and doesn't hold roots well. you guys love to stretch the truth to make false points
Daniel S November 14, 2012 at 07:25 PM
We went by the Town Office & there was a sign outside that read DRY ICE at 4:00. Went back at 4:00 with small Ice chest and ice was already given away. "We got it early and distributed it already" was the response. Town MISmanagement at it's best.
Lisa Buchman November 14, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Hi Daniel, the town was dependent upon receiving dry ice shipments from NYSEG (and actually it wasn't delivered, town employees drove to a distribution center more than once a day to pick it up) and from what I understand it did go quickly, so they developed the voucher system to ensure it was evenly distributed among residents. I'm not sure if the town looked into another source for dry ice or how expensive it would be to bring it in from other sources, though.


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