Westchester Will Not Escape Looming Sequestration Cuts

Education, emergency services, medical research and military programs are among those areas that stand to lose funds.

The Lower Hudson Valley could see a loss of services if sequestration goes into effect as scheduled this Friday, said Congresswoman Nita Lowey(D-Harrison), who characterized the $85 billion across the board federal program cuts as “senseless.” 

In Rockland and Westchester counties, she predicted school districts would lose $4.4 million in federal funds.  On average, each school district would be cut by $100,000.

(See attached PDF for specifics on other school districts.)

Camp Smith in Cortland would receive $3.1 million less in federal funding. Out of the 62 National Institute of Health grants totaling $25 million that are earmarked for medical research in the two counties, $1.3 million of 5.3 percent would be cut over the next seven months.

"We’re facing a self-inflicted economic wound, and action cannot wait,” said Lowey during a conference call. “I hope that the Republican leadership will come to the table so we can find a reasonable, bipartisan solution to avoid these senseless cuts. ”

Lowey said the effect of sequestration might not be felt for one or two weeks but then organizations will have to let people go because the funds will not be available to pay them. In the case of first responders, $860,000 would be trimmed from the training and equipment budgets for volunteer firefighters and law enforcement officers.

The State Criminal Assistance Program would not escape the cuts. The program, which covers jail, costs for local governments housing undocumented aliens who commit crimes, would be chopped by $62,955 in Westchester and $22,354 in Rockland.

Lowey said sequestration would result in national job losses up to 750,000, a slowing economy and cuts in services that will affect everyone. The ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee depicted sequestration as a Republican policy pushed forward by members of the Tea Party. She emphasized it is not the balanced approach required to addressing the federal deficit and debt.                                                                                                  

Portia Torte February 26, 2013 at 01:28 PM
Lowey's comments show just how wasteful and bloated our government is, and then there's the fear mongering for "cutting" "[t]he program, which covers jail, costs for local governments housing undocumented aliens who commit crimes...."
John J. Timmel February 27, 2013 at 04:58 AM
The spending "cuts," spread over a period of ten years, are "senseless" to Nita Lowey, but trillion dollar annual deficits and out of control spending by the Obama Administration somehow seem to make perfect sense to her. If she has ever seen a spending program that she didn't like, I don't know what it is. Nita Lowey is part and parcel of the Washington spending binge, yet she is easily re-elected every two years. If Westchester has to bear some of the burden of the national debt, perhaps it will reconsider who it sends to Washington every two years. Besides, whom would Mrs. Lowey prefer to pay down the outrageous deficits and national debt - our children and grandchildren?


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