With Year's End, Bedford Central Honors its Artists & Athletes

Art students honored for adjudication of their portfolios. Fox Lane girls lacrosse team congratulated on trip to state semifinals.

The end of the school year gives Bedford Central officials a chance to showcase the achievement of their students in a broad range of activities. This eagerness to promote accomplishments was on display at Wednesday's school board meeting, where students were honored for both their artistic and athletic work.

About two dozen students across age groups were honored for submitting their work to the New York State Art Teachers Association’s portfolio program, which involves one-on-one interviews with adjudicators. The students achieved "distinguished" scores, the district announced, which is the highest achievement level.

“This is quite an achievement and truly represents school the way it ought to be," said Heather Krantz, the district's K-12 visual arts coordinator.

The following students were honored:

Erika Maldonado, Hannah Hong, Nicole Trotta, Katja Tophoff and Margaux Rose Vallon.

Samantha Velez, Katie Reilly, Nikolai Robbins, Jesse Hoogland, Jacob Saravay, Valentina Florez, Alexa Schilero, Jae Kim, Maya Koneval, Eunice Chong, Christina Washington, Alessandro Zanghi, Anna Sophia Boguraev, Tiffany Snadowsky, Hannah Radom, and Kyle van Cleave.

Isabel Faintych, Sam Sheen and Leah Chowenhill.

Meanwhile, Fox Lane High School's girls lacrosse team, which made its second trip to the state tournament in three seasons - it reached as far as the semifinal round - was given special recognition.

Athletic Director Beth Staropoli said: “They are such ambassadors - and I know I say this and I truly mean it – they are such ambassadors of our school and our athletic program, that even if I dreamt of what I would want them to look like, they would be these young ladies."

The following were honored for the lacrosse team:

Sammy Jo Tracy, Kailey O'Hagan, Abigail Shepard, Kate Burbank, Amanda Asaro, Kathleen Johnson, Sydney Stern, Lauren Raue, Adele Lawrence, Colleen Roemer, Victoria Dey, Kristina Dittrich, Frannie Ward, Sarah Corcoran, Lexi Cannon, Elizabeth Longo, Jennifer Grecco, Molly Lyons, Keely Connors, Alana Fitz and Kendal Marianacci.


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