Bedford, Katonah: How Much Would You Pay for a Stamp?

We're hoping you'll sound off on the one-cent stamp hike—and future prices.

January's one-cent hike in stamp prices—from 45-cents to 46-cents—is unlikely to drain the wallet. But at what point would you bid farewell to the old-fastioned Thank You note and turn to email, instead?

For Danielle Zini, of Bedford Hills, about $1 would be the limit.

"I would have to find another means," she said, noting that a price of $1 per stamp would be quite costly during the holidays, when some folks mail hundreds of cards. 

Zinzi said she hates to face any sort of increase in prices, but a cent is doable, and the security of the mail system is worth it.

"I feel like I have to mail some stuff," she told Patch on her way out of the Bedford Hills Post Office Tuesday afternoon. "There are certain things I'm always going to feel more comfortable mailing."

The one-cent increase will go into effect Jan. 27 for all one-ounce letters. Postcard stamps will also see a bump, from 32-cents to 33-cents.

Do you agree with Zinzi? What's the most you'd be willing to pay for a stamp?


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