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Highlights include news about a Bedford native's upcoming show at Webster Hall, as well as a few updates tied to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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Bedford Central School District / Fox Lane

Just before winter break, school officials share some sensitive thoughts:

Fred Rogers: In times of community or world-wide crisis, it's easy to assume that young children don't know what's going on. But one thing's for sure — children are very sensitive to how their parents feel. They're keenly aware of the expressions on their parents' faces and the tone of their voices. Children can sense when their parents are really worried, whether they're watching the news or talking about it with others. No matter what children know about a “crisis,” it’s especially scary for children to realize that their parents are scared.

Bedford Magazine 

The hometown publication shared "inspired words" from Katonah's Esmeralda Santiago.

Instead of arming teachers with guns, arm them with art supplies, musical instruments, books. Arts education is the antidote to inhumanity.

Collin McLoughlin

The Bedford native, a former contestant of NBC's The Voice, provides an update on his show at Webster Hall in Manhattan. It's happening in February.

Due to popular demand we've added 50 VIP tickets to the all ages show in NYC Feb 17, which includes a private meet and greet with me beforehand. tickets are here, cant wait to meet some of you guys http://t.co/gScyUMVs

Little Joe's Books

This made us laugh. See the graphic staff members at the Katonah shop were referring to at the right of this story.

Someone should tell the Kardashians...

Wolf Conservation Center

The South Salem-based organization is asking fans in the area to help the wolves in Alaska. Click here to read the (time-sensitive) status they shared with local folks.

URGENT appeal from Wolfwatcher & Alaska Wildlife Alliance: Please scroll below for more info on how to take action. Thank you!


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