Patch Comments: 'Just a Week of Shaking One's Head'

An arrest for marijuana possession, a politician's text message, and a school district's plans to possibly hire a security group are just some of the issues that got Hudson Valley Patch users talking on our comment's board.

Here are comments from some of the stories that got Hudson Valley Patch users talking:  

"The Bedford School district is naively playing into the hands of the NRA's diversionary tactics. Security guards at schools are not the solution, especially considering that a security guard - or guards - would be no match for the extraordinary amount of firepower and body armor that Adam Lanza, James Holmes and other such murderers equipped themselves with. The school district's time, energy and money would be better spent advocating for a truly effective way to insure school safety - advocating for rapid passage of strict gun control laws nationwide." -- Lloyd Trufelman

... and ...

"This is great progress,I just insist that this security they put in place are armed guards and police. Only trained armed professionals can handle the firepower of the Adam Lana's. Next it must be our elementary schools. Schools need to act and represent our children safty not advocate for gun control nationwide. That is the jobs of our councilmen,governors and senators." -- tvita

Cuomo's Panel Investigates Power Company Failures After Sandy

"grandstanding at it worst... send them all home now" -- frank vecchione

Lacorte Apologizes for Text Message (VIDEO)

"it's a little hard to try and hide a text message when you send it to your opponent, so I'm not sure how claiming to have admitted it when confronted is somehow a positive. I'd call these tactics Nixonian but at least Nixon was intelligent enough to be able to successfully spy for a long time." -- Defender


"I don't see the sense to the taping but for me I'm more concerned with politicians that lie to our face. seems Mr. Lacorte has pretty solid backing from a large part of the community. I want to hear about the issues" -- Floyd Morse

... and ...

"This week is full of Lance Armstrong, Manti Te'o and now Dagan Lacorte. Just a week of shaking one's head." -- Joan K

Teen Arrested for Marijuana Possession

"The members of the Greenburgh Drug and Alcohol Task Force are only doing their job. But this is altogether ridiculous, that this young person should be put through the criminal justice system for possession of a small amount of marijuana. I would advocate a level of restraint on the part of the Task Force. A simple "move along, son" would be far preferable to this farce. Our esteemed President of the United States engaged in this sort of thing at this young man's age, and no one of consequence (and rightly so) seems to hold it against him. Some judgment and restraint are called for on the part of the authorities." -- Concerned Parent #21

... and ...

"Maybe you should teach your children responsibility, instead of blaming the police. They were found with marijuana, on a Thursday, at 11:25pm. Shouldn't they be sleeping by that time? Concerned parent, i'm also concerned about your parenting. The youth have no discipline, believe that they can do whatever they want, and their parents not only approve of the behavior, but scapegoay the police for doing their job. Maybe if you did your job, as a parent, you wouldn't have anyone to blame for your childs stupidity. You should be ashamed of yourself." -- James Redmam

Super Bowl Inspires Stepinac H.S. Students to Help the Needy

"When is someone going to have the courage to stand up and point out how incredibly dishonest this kind of moral preening is. People of solid character don't need to be told to volunteer by their communites nor by college admissions offices. The whole concept has been corrupted by Nanny State thinking and maudlin collectivist sentiment. It is becoming an explicit assault on the inelucatble inmportance of individual achievement." -- Brian Goudie

... and ... 

"It seems to me they chose to do this, and I wish more people would volunteer as these students did to help the less fortunate out there. It is a pleasure to admire preening they do as a result of this work. I guess it is true that no kind deed goes unpunished." -- Paul Rode


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