8 Desserts You Can Make in Mason Jars

From salads to parfaits, Mason jars are everywhere. Here's how you can pack your favorite desserts into one of these containers.

Yogurt and granola. Credit: Shutterstock
Yogurt and granola. Credit: Shutterstock
Glass jars aren't just for jam anymore. If you've already packed your salad in one, then you know the appeal of the Mason jar. Now, dessert gets its time in the jar.

Convenient to store and transport, these glass vessels can save you time and add some wow factor to your dessert presentation. They're a no-brainer for dinner parties, offering an easy way to measure your portions and adding some visual appeal to your table when served. Also, you can prepare ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator.

Here are some dessert ideas that are a perfect fit for glass jars:

Yogurt and Granola
Serve up a light treat that offers visual appeal, too. Layers of flavor and a pop of color from the strawberries make this healthy yogurt and granola dessert a must-have at your next brunch. 

Brownie Cupcake
You'll dive into the deep end of this jar to enjoy all the gooey goodness of brownies. Cook your favorite cake or brownie recipe in jars for a similar effect and serve with freshly chopped chocolate or candy. Add a dollop of cream to reach new levels of deliciousness.

Yogurt with Spiced Pumpkin Puree
Yogurt gets a seasonal makeover when you add spiced pumpkin puree and cinnamon sticks to the mix. It's another light treat that makes a great after-school snack or finishing touch to brunch. 

Layered Fruit Dessert
Mix up a berry coulis and layer chocolate shavings and thick cream in a jar for a decadent approach to fruit and cream that's appropriate for any occasion. 

Chocolate Pudding
Put chocolate pudding with coconut or white chocolate shavings on display in small glass jars. You can prepare them the night before you entertain or keep them chilled for kids as a special after-school snack. 

Apricot Coulis and Cream
Top off a jar of apricot coulis and cream with a sprig of mint for a refreshing note. 

Chocolate Mousse
Instead of pudding, try chocolate mousse with chocolate shavings for a lighter version of the decadent treat. 

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