Police: No Lauren Spierer Evidence Found in Landfill

On Aug. 26 at noon, Bloomington, IN, police stopped searching landfill waste at the Sycamore Ridge Landfill in Pimento, IN, after finding no evidence tied to the disappearance of Indiana University student and Greenburgh-resident Lauren Spierer.

Indiana authorities have finished examining tons of landfill waste at the in Pimento, IN, as no evidence was found for Lauren Spierer’s , said Bloomington, IN, police.

The landfill operation began on Aug. 16, and was hoped to provide leads on the disappearance of the 20-year-old Greenburgh resident who was last spotted in the early hours of June 3 in Bloomington.

Over 4,100 tons of waste was removed from the area that was identified as coming from Bloomington in the days surrounding Spierer’s disappearance said police. It was examined over a nine-day period by officers from the Bloomington Police Department, the Indiana University Police Department and agents from the FBI.

Waste that was specifically identified as being from the area of Spierer’s last reported location near 11th St. and College Ave. was examined, said police. The operation was concluded in part because as it continued, waste that was being extracted was outside of the date range of her disappearance.

“The fact that no evidence related to this case was discovered is unfortunate, but we are confident that the proper area at the landfill was identified and thoroughly checked by the officers working there,” said Chief Michael Diekhoff.

Tips from the public can be provided to the Bloomington Police Department by email (policetips@bloomington.in.gov) or phone (812-339-4477).

scrapper316 August 28, 2011 at 01:29 AM
Does anyone know if Jesse Wolff, Jay Rosenbaum, or Cory Rossman returned to IU this fall ?


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