Mrs. Monogram Cup Sales Signal Romney Over Obama in Bedford

There's still time to participate in the monogram shop's informal presidential election predictor.

With the presidential election just 14 days away and campaigning reaching fever pitch, one local shop is taking the pulse of Bedford's electorate in a decidedly unofficial—and fun—way.

Mrs. Monogram, a gift shop that specializes in monogrammed gifts for men, women and children in Bedford, has sold over 300 plastic cups labeled "Obama" or "Romney." When owner Kelley Johnston started looking at her inventory of cup sales, she realized she had some interesting numbers to share.

As of Tuesday, 177 Romney cups have been sold; Obama cup-buyers total 81 and there have been 10 "undecided" cup buys.

"I thought it would be interesting to do something around the election, particularly in this geographic area, where the voter registration breaks down roughly one-third Democrat, one-third Republican and a third Independent/non-party," she said. "I think the election deserves a certain amount of hoopla and hope the cups let people express their preferences in a way that's not controversial."

According to the county's 2011 enrollment data, in Bedford there are 3,965 registered Democrats; 3,425 registered Republicans; 434 registered Independents and 2,424 registered voters with no declared party.

The cups sell for $2—with some customers purchasing multiple cups, the sales tallies aren't exactly a scientific study, but more of a "passion indicator," said Johnston. 

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Johnston updates her tallies regularly and said that until the first presidential debate, Obama and Romney sales were very close. 

"After that, Romney sales picked up significantly, and we sold a few undecideds," she said Tuesday, noting it would be interesting to see how the final debate affected cup sales.

Since launching her unofficial "poll" Johnston said she's noticed that 7-11 convenience stores have a "coffee cup" campaign, and Westchester Burger is selling Obama and Romney burgers. Whatever the results of her own poll, Johnston said it's been fun to have the cups cause some buzz in the store.

"Because presidential elections only occur every four years, they generate considerably more excitement, particularly given some of the challenges our country faces," she said.

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Ellie Sugarman October 24, 2012 at 10:36 AM
Headline should say:"Romney Supporters Have More Discretionary Income." IIt should be noted that this is a ONE point plan. That means, as Kelley alluded to, these numbers are meaningless because people bought multiple cups so one "vote" would be counted multiple times. We Love, Love, Love Mrs. Monogram and Kelley, and she is the smart one when she said this was not a scientific study but more of a "passion indicator." My conclusion: Shop at Mrs. Monogram!!!
Lisa Buchman October 24, 2012 at 11:05 AM
Thanks for your comment, Ellie—it's a great shop—and her cup poll was a fun break from election news here and everywhere. How do readers feel—can't get enough election news or tired of it by now?
vonhayek October 24, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Note that it's 434 "Independence Party" members (think Ross Perot), which is actually different from being an independent. It's a political party. It's the 2424 people are the independents. It's a common mistake, and most of the "Independence" party people actually thought they were signing up to be "independents." Amusing, really.
Lisa Buchman October 24, 2012 at 08:22 PM
You are right—and it can be confusing for the "independents" who see candidates that have the "Independence" party endorsement on the ballot! Thanks for clarifying.
Yvonne Stahl October 24, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Neither Romney nor Obama are real leaders with the guts to raise the real issues such as population growth and resource depletion, population growth leading to wars, population growth paving over nature, population growth leading to stress and higher crime, population growth driving the Israeli take-over of surrounding territories, population growth driving food shortages in many countries, and population growth driving starvation in unsustainable regions. These candidates dont have the courage to lead a movement of global family planning and birth control. These cowards prefer, instead, to send soldiers to war to grab resources. Pretty soon the US will make war with Canada over water-Canada is an inland desert-all the water is left over from glaciers and is not replacable. The US is already experiencing water shortages. All due to population growth, while our Earth can not grow!!! DO the math!!!! Get real . 7 Billion is too many. Birth control is a cost effective way to let our population return to 1960 numbers: 3 to 4 Billion. Birth control is HUMANE!! Over population is cruel.


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