Training Runs Offered for Katonah Race

Meet other first-time and experienced runners this Saturday at 8 a.m. at Katonah Elementary School.

One of the reasons Annie Bai was finally lured to the sport of running is the fact that all she needed to do was lace up her sneakers.

"You don't need any equipment, you don't have to make a trip to the gym," said the Bedford Hills resident. Up until last year, she'd always jogged one or two times a week, but never considered herself a runner and never really made it past the two-mile mark.

Then Bai registered for the last fall, and participated in training runs led by Bettini Sementilli, owner of in Katonah.

"She was kind, supportive and motivating," Bai said. "I learned how to run hills and how to pace myself and keep myself motivated—which was easier with a group."

Not only did Sementilli help her break through a running barrier, she agreed to help her organize this year's Katonah road race, to be held on Sept. 8.

The 5K, last year organized by the Katonah Chamber of Commerce, Village Improvement Society and Memorial Park Association, has a few return organizers—Mike Berardino and Frank Greene, in addition to Bai and Sementilli. 

And there are some new features.

The theme is "Runners for Reading," and each participant will be asked to donate a children's book for the Open Door early literacy program, and proceeds from runner's fees will benefit the and the Books purchased for the race will be offered at cost by , one of the race's sponsors (see list below for all sponsors).

In addition, there are two races designed for kids: a one-miler for ages 7-12 and a "Tots' Race" around the school's driveway loop.

Sementilli said her goal with the training runs is to help like-minded people find each other.

"We hope people make friends, find others to run with and yes, become more efficient in their running," said the four-time marathoner (she's about to run her fifth in New York City this November).

The clinic starts at 8 a.m. this Saturday at KES. Another training run will be held on Sept. 1 at the same time and location.

Registration is now open and can be done online or at CrossSport Woman. The route starts at Katonah Elementary School and is run partly through neighborhoods and the trails of Katonah Memorial Park, and ends back at KES.  (Click here for the route map).  

Sponsors of Katonah 5K Run

Cross Sport Woman
State Farm, Mike Berardino
Bedford Hills Chamber of Commerce
Katonah Chamber of Commerce
James E. Dalrymple, Esq.
Katonah Art Center

Jodi's Gym

Frank Veith, Esq
Katonah Wine & Liquor
Indian Auto Collision
Katonah Insurance Co., Philip Eifert
Ricci & Greene
Christina Dochtermann, Realtor
Marti Martial Arts
Little Joe's Bookstore
Judith Reardon PC
Northern Westchester Auto Body
Weinstein's Pharmacy
Raneri Bros. (Charles Dept Store)
Muscoot Restaurant
Westchester Health Associates
BH Lion's Club
Dr. Stuart Weitzman, BH Family Chiropractic
Kelloggs & Lawrence
Verizon Wireless Zone
Alan Eifert August 08, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Katonah Insurance is proud to be a sponsor this year, and the Eifert Bros are trying to motivate for participation. Running is a mental sport for the insane! X-Country is more fun than the track, where I feel more like a hamster. Watching the track n field in London hopefully will inspire us for the Katonah 5K in Sept........
Lisa Buchman August 08, 2012 at 03:16 PM
So true, Alan! I once ran the NYC marathon (a lifetime ago) and now 3 miles is a real challenge. But just interviewing these two inspired me to take a jog this morning. I think a running group just may keep my head in the game!
Philip Sandler August 31, 2012 at 09:08 PM
Hi Lisa! Any idea if anyone is doing a practice run tomorrow (9/1)? Please let me know (philipsandler@gmail.com). Thanks!
Lisa Buchman August 31, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Hi Philip, Bettina said (in the story) there would be one tomorrow. I just checked her website: http://crosssportwoman.com/2012/08/katonah-5k-race-group-runs/ and it looks like it's still on. Good luck!


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