K-L Voters Pass Budget, Schiff, Tobin Win Seats on Board

The budget passed with 62 percent of the vote.

Katonah Lewisboro voters today approved the school district's and elected and to the school board.

Unofficial results were announced just after 9:30 p.m. at , where school board president Mark Lipton thanked voters for supporting the budget.

"Tonight you voted to pass the 2012-13 budget as adopted by the board of education," he said. "By doing so, you tell us that this budget identifies your goals for your schools and gives the board the means to achieve those goals."

Lipton said the board would work together with the K-L administration to ensure that the children in the district received the education for which voters were paying. 

He also thanked voters for their support of the ballot proposition authorizing the school district to spend $5.9 million from its general fund balance toward building improvements and repairs.

"By making these much-needed improvements we hope to extend the life of our buildings as well as reduce overall expenses by making our buildings more efficient," he said.

The funds will pay for repairs to aging boilers and roofs and will address approximately 20 percent of a

Schiff, who received an overwhelming 39 percent of the vote, said she was so grateful for the friends and community members who have supported her in the weeks leading up to the election.

"Without them I could not have run, and would not have won," she said.

On specific areas of board work she'd like to be involved, Schiff said her background might be best suited for serving on the audit committee or policy—she's already begun studying the policy manual—but it was too early to say definitively.

"I think there's a lot to learn—not only about policies but I'm looking forward to learning about the issues facing the district that I've presumably only just begun to learn about," she said. "And I'm looking forward to representing the community—I see that as the essential work of the board and I'm excited about the opportunity."

Tobin said she, too, had a big learning curve but looked forward to getting to work. "I feel that by the community coming out and voting strongly for me was a positive reinforcement for what my campaign was all about, which was strong academics. I plan on looking at everything through the lens of 'does this make our schools stronger and are we challenging our students." 

Both and congratulated their opponents and said they would look for ways to stay involved in district issues.

"The process is just beginning for me," said Yanish. "My desire to do this wasn't contingent on winning—it was about serving a community I love any way I can. I'm definitely happy I ran and I was honored to be a part of the process."

The spending plan totals $112,996,167 and represents a 1.78 increase over last year's budget.

The tax levy is to be raised by 2.09 percent, with rates estimated to increase in Bedford and Lewisboro, by 6.64 percent and 1.8 percent, respectively. In North Salem and Pound Ridge, tax rate will drop by 1.2 percent and 1.95 percent, respectively.

Approximately 17 percent of eligible voters participated in the election, according to Kimberly Monzon, district clerk. A total of 2,243 votes were cast for the budget and there are 13,511 total registered voters in the district.

The May 15, 2012 Vote by the Numbers

Budget vote and and capital projects proposition

Vote Yes No $113 million budget  1,394 849 $5.9 million capital projects 
 1,499 724

School board election

School board race Number of votes Rich Delin
724 Marjorie Schiff
Stephanie Tobin
 963 Mindy Yanish

By election district

School Budget Vote Capital Projects
Rich Delin
Marjorie Schiff Stephanie Tobin Mindy Yanish LES 365 yes, 262 no  418 yes,  220 no 216 415 311 121 MPES 204 yes, 205 no
 240 yes,  68 no 146 265 162 58 KES  439 yes,  196 no  450 yes,  174 no 194 450 235 213 IMES  375 yes, 186 no  391 yes,  163 no 168 345 255 172
JohnCW May 18, 2012 at 12:57 PM
The am ount in my earlier post should have read $775K.
JohnCW May 18, 2012 at 01:02 PM
John Craig - Thanks for your post. Too many people over the years have suggested to those they don't agree with to move out. It is plain wrong and rude. As for the Social Secuirty mess, we can all thank the Johnson administration for that, under that administration they engineered the borrowing from Social Security to close the budget gap in the general fund. The current Administration is only adding to the problem by having reduced the Social Security tax by 2% for the second year in a row.
D.S. May 18, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Thanks for the support John,,,I missed the comment from John Craig concerning social security.....and only my husband is collecting...I have quite a few years to go.....And I don't mind paying taxes...but I'm not willing to pay $32,000 for a car that is only worth lets say $25,000 and the same goes for per pupil costs. I asked the question of a few of the people on this board and I'll ask it again......How much is too much? What does the per pupil cost need to be before people will wake up and vote no on the next budget? If it's gone up $5,000 in two years , then I assume another $5,000 in the next two years making it $37,000 per student per year......is that too much? How about 2 years after that, $42,000.....and so on and so on....it's crazy!
JohnCW May 18, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Too many people don't vote on the school budget, because they think that their vote does not count. They couldn't be more wrong. I believe there are approximately 7,500 registered voters in the KLSD, only 2,243 voted on the budget, that is a 30% turn-out. A pathetic showing. I bet the vast majority of the people who voted have children in the schools. The empty nesters (2/3 of the registered voters) need to go and vote.
rene May 18, 2012 at 06:21 PM
In regards to the cost of educating a student at KL schools at $32K/ year for next yr, you also need to add the cost of at least one tutor/ week all school yr / child at an additional cost of $90-125/ hr.Because in the event your child gets a teacher who doesn't teach the class..only hands out a packet & expects them to self learn or if you have a teacher who doesn't teach in a way your child can learn then you have no other choice but to get your child help.Or if you happen to have a child who gets bullied by a teacher or classmate which KLSD will deny or refuse to address,you can expect to pay up to $300/hr for psychotherapy for your child &/or medical expenses related to injuries/ illnesses caused by that same bully( I know this for fact). Remember former superintendent Roelle "retired" from KL early last spring? He took with him yet another 6 figure pension & then turned around & took yet another 6 figure interim position in lower Westchester for this school year as noted in a Patch article on August 15,2011. Interestingly, Dr Roelle was seen "eyeing" the anticipated superindentent position in North Castle last fall. Isn't two 6 figure pension incomes at taxpayer expense enough? I hope he's enjoying his new $80k+ Mercedes he bought before retiring at KLSD; I can't afford one, but then I don't get a car allowance with my job(isn't it $9-12k that KLSD top administrators get?)nor do I get life time health benefits. That's our tax dollars hard at work educating our kids?


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